Dog training via the web? Hogwash, you may say. How can a dog be trained via video conference? Well perhaps you are right! Maybe it is impossible to train a dog using distance learning/video conferencing technology. But it is not impossible to teach you, the dog owner, how to understand your dog, read your dog's emotions, body language and behavior characteristics. It is not impossible to teach you what you need to know to become your dog's "pack leader", providing the leadership that your dog not only desires, but requires, to be the well balanced companion that you desire.

We now have the technical capability to provide, live, one-on-one, interactive video training. We can observe you with your dog and guide you through the process of seeing the world through your dog's eyes and understanding your dog's reactions to his or her perceptions of that world. You can observe us, working with a dog, to see how to relate and respond to certain emotions and resultant behaviors.

The truth is that "dog training" is really dog owner training. Dogs are easily taught. In pack of wild dogs, wolves and other canines, young dogs learn very quickly how to behave in a manner acceptable to the pack leader, or Alpha dog, even to anticipate and react to the emotions and body language of the Alpha dog. The real art in the discipline of "dog training" is teaching the dog owner how to become and remain the Alpha dog. A dog without such a pack leader is usually a very maladjusted, unhappy dog. And a dog owner with a maladjusted, unhappy dog is never a happy dog owner.

So give us a call or click here to use our contact form. We can talk with you over the telephone or via a video conference and explain how this very effective training approach will work for you and your best friend.