Ralph Gibson, also known as the "Dog Whisperer", began his mission to understand dogs at age eighteen, with his own dog. After much study and attempts to use many known methods of "dog training", including AKC, military, police and Schutzhund methods, it became apparent to him that there was lot that he did not understand and that he would not learn from traditional "dog training" methods.

After about two years of work Ralph wanted to know all about dog behavior, not just some behavior, not just certain behavior, or certain training methods. Thus began the quest for knowledge ... an obsession to completely understand all dog behavior. While trying to combine the best of all the various methods of dog training that he had studied, be began investigating  existing dog training schools in the United States and learned that there were actually 28 such schools. Ralph contacted and evaluated all 28 schools, a process that took over a year. He wanted to know who had the most experience and credibility and, most importantly, the most knowledge.

Ralph chose the United States K-9 Academy, with locations in New York and Connecticut.  There he studied under eight different master trainers, with degrees in child, animal and human psychology, including the legendary Jack Healy. Jack Healy founded the United States K-9 Academy and over 40 years served as a canine consultant to many governments and law enforcement agencies, was an author, lecturer and considered by most to be "the expert" in the field. He was well published and featured in many major publications, including Time Magazine.

Ralph's instructors trained dogs for many luminaries including the Kennedy family, the Rockefeller family, Ferdinand Marcos, Bruce Lee, Chuck Berry and Hugh Hefner.

During his first six seeks in school Ralph worked with over 248 dogs. It was then that he began to understand how to "read" a dog. After another seven years of working with different dogs on a consistent, seven days per week basis, he became confident that any new dog that he met he had really met before. After another five years of working with dog owners, Ralph became completely comfortable teaching owners. Wherein lies the art ...teaching the owner!

As a result of over 2 1/2 years of learning from trainers with over 142 years of experience, at the Unites States K-9 Academy, Ralph acquired the scientific knowledge and experience to work with dogs of any age, any breed, and any temperament, and to handle any situation that could be encountered or imagined.

Since founding Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs in 1984, Ralph has continued this distinct method of training  ... a highly acclaimed method of educating the dog and the owner. Ralph has become recognized as an expert in the rehabilitation and training of "problem dogs", overly aggressive dogs and traumatized dogs. He has also continued learning and his approach to training has evolved into a very unique, natural order based training philosophy that is quickly making traditional "dog training" obsolete.