We offer a free evaluation, demonstration and consultation.

Evaluation:  Thorough testing of you dog’s training and learning potential.  Ralph never goes by breed, size, sex or age.  He goes by your own dog's unique characteristics.

Demonstration:  To show you the different types of communication that can be developed between you and your dog.  Ralph does not use commands but instead asks his dogs ... dogs just like people have feelings and emotions.  Most people would rather be asked to do something than commanded. This is part of promoting the willingness in the animal  “to want” to do for you instead of it feeling like its being made to do something.

Consultation: To discuss how much time and involvement would go into you and your dog, your dog’s trainability and the type and level of training that is best suited for you and your dog.

This process usually takes about an hour and there is no charge or obligation whatsoever. All your questions will be answered. 

Call us today or use our contact form, for more information or to schedule a free evaluation, demonstration and consultation.