Correction With Affection For Puppies

Dogs are naturally friendly and sociable. They enjoy human companionship, and make their owners part of their pack.


Every dog needs a pack leader to guide and train him. Someone in the family has to assume this role. This is very important, for it establishes control in the puppy and sets rules and limitations.

You must take control by structuring your dog's life and setting up routines such as where to eat, sleep, play and perform bathroom duties.

Proper leadership will provide the puppy with a feeling of warmth, love and security. NOTHING means more to your dog than this.

The Educated Dog

Is your dog ready to graduate? Our program goes beyond mainstream obedience training ? "sit", "stay", "heel", and "come". An overall, obedient attitude can be developed: The positive effects of properly educating a dog and owner are endlessly rewarding.

Having a positive way to communicate with your dog eliminates confusion and stress and promotes a long, harmonious relationship. Call today for more information.


Total Trust