Founded in 1984, by Ralph Gibson, Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs has trained over 12000 dogs and owners. Complete training and boarding facilities are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Facilities are open to the public 6 days per week from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. each day, by appointment only.

We offer a free evaluation, demonstration and consultation: 

  • Evaluation - A thorough testing of your dog's training and learning potential. Evaluations are never done based on breed, size, sex or age , but rather by your dog's unique characteristics.
  • Demonstration - You will learn what different types of communications can be developed between you and your dog. You will see a dog respond to being asked, rather than commanded. Just like humans, dog prefer to be asked to do something rather than commanded to do something. You will see how promoting the willingness in the dog to "do for you" is preferable to trying to achieve the same result by enticement or intimidation.
  • Consultation - Discussion of the objectives that you seek to achieve with your dog, the type and level of training best suited for your dog and your objectives, how much time and involvement will be required, your dog's trainability, and to answer all your questions.


This process of evaluation, demonstration and consultation usually takes about and hour. There is no charge or obligation. Click here to schedule your appointment today.

Ralph Gibson is a man who knows dogs. To him, dog training is not just a job, it is a lifelong interest. Ralph has trained dogs for over 30 years, 27 years professionally. He was educated in New York and Connecticut, working under eight different master trainers with degrees in child, animal and adult psychology. These trainers include Jack Healy and James Salva. For more information about Ralph Gibson click here.

Ralph Gibson's World of Dogs is open 6 days a week so you can bring your dog in at your convenience. The entire EVALUATION, DEMONSTRATION, CONSULTATION process is completely FREE and with NO obligation of any kind. Appointments are required.