Multiple Training Levels to Meet Your Needs


The 8 levels of training available for any age or any breed:


Control Levels
  •   Basic Obedience
  •   Advanced Obedience
Defensive Determent or Home Guardian Levels (Defensive Mode)
  •   Area protection
  •   Guard attack
  •   Vehicle protection
Offensive Family or Personal Bodyguard (Offensive Mode)
  •   Personal protection
  •   Attack-on-command with reverse –on-command
  •   Pursuit-Assault-on-command


Perhaps you have attended a group dog training "school" or a seminar featuring a "dog trainer" and come away more confused than enlightened. Ralph Gibson focuses on the behavioral characteristics of dogs from a perspective of their natural role in God's world. You will learn that "loving" your dog has more to do with helping your dog fulfill his/her natural role in an ordered "pack" than hugging and playing with your dog.

Attack Dog Versus Protector 

We do not train "attack dogs” at Ralph Gibson’s World of Dogs.  We develop “natural protectors”.  Most people are familiar with the idea of “attack dogs”. The behavior of such dogs usually comes from the old military style of training or old police dog way of training. To some extent these methods usually involve nothing more than hitting, intimidating the animal too bring out the aggression.  This creates a “fear biter” and destroys the stability of the animal.  In the 60’s when there were many riots they brought many "police dogs" there were just as many "handlers" bitten as rioters.  The reason this happened is because the dogs were totally unstable due to improper training.  A “natural protector” is never hit to bring out aggressiveness.  The animal gets to win victories which increases its confidence level.  “Victories” are provided for the dog at age appropriate times. As the dog’s emotional maturity increases so does the dog’s "victories".  Temperament is structured as the dog is maturing because a dog has to have a certain amount of maturity to have the proper judgment on how to use its aggression.  “Attack” dogs stay highly stressed and they are constantly looking for a bite whether it be an older person, a woman, or a child.  The dog has no “judgment”.  A “Natural Protector” is never hit at any time to raise its confidence level ... therefore it stays stable.  The victories that the animal wins will increase its self confidence.  There are 4 reasons a dog will bite; to protect themselves, to protect their den members (whether the dog is with a dog pack or human pack), to protect their den and to protect their territory.  The dog has to have enough self confidence though to take care of itself and to be able to take care of the other areas, so the first thing dealt with in developing a “natural protector” is developing more self-confidence, not meanness.

Two different phases of temperament ... Defense and Offense.  A defensive dog, if threatened, would show teeth, growl, bark or otherwise use intimidating behavior ... it would not not bite, just threaten.  Offense is if someone or something did threaten the dog put up its front the person didn’t need that warning and proceeded to show direct intent going through the animal that the dog would bite. Dogs trained using the old military style or the old police method are completely unbalanced.  That is why those methods cannot be used in society. Those methods produce “lawsuit” animals.  A lot of “dog trainers” promote those old methods. You want your dog to be able to take care of you and your family, property, home, business etc., but you also want your dog to be safe to be around people and children.

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